Ahmad Abd Alaziz Kassar

Manufacture and trade of laurel and compressed perfumed soap and shampoo

Laurel soap and olive oil

The laurel tree has been known since ancient times for its importance and value, and the laurel branch crowned the heads of the strong men.
It was also known for its aesthetic importance, it was extracted from laurel oil, which was called (magic oil) and was used by women since ancient times because of its importance and great benefits for the health of skin and skin

Laurel soap for hair

Laurel soap is important in the treatment of weak hair, and many advantages and benefits to give hair beauty and attractiveness
Some of these benefits that it helps laurel soap in the lengthening of hair and prevent split and increase the density, and gives hair shine and luster and vitality
It also works to reduce hair loss and is beneficial in the process of nourishing the hair follicles and roots, as it is effective in eliminating dandruff and helps in moisturizing and refreshing the scalp

Laurel soap for face skin

Laurel soap is one of the most expensive and famous types of soap you can find.This soap can help in the treatment of many skin diseases such as acne, eczema, psoriasis and other types of skin infections
In general gentle laurel soap soothes the skin and has antibacterial and fungicidal properties